Intelligent Software Built for Your Industry

Accruent offers a suite of solutions purpose-built for the complex needs of your industry. Our best-in-class software was developed to maximize the performance of your built environment and to streamline your day-to-day operations so you can focus on driving business forward.



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Accruent offers intelligent solutions for better Corporate Real Estate Management. We offer an entire cloud based, IWMS platform ranging from lease administration and accounting to facilities management that enables your organization to gain insight, identify inefficiencies and drive business forward.


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Accruent's physical and space management software is specifically designed for the needs of K-12 and higher education institutions. From facility maintenance to academic scheduling, Accruent software is trusted by more than 40% of the leading universities in North America. It has proven functionality that helps ensure that campus facilities and people resources are ready to support the school's mission.


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Improve efficiency, compliance, patient and staff satisfaction, and quality of care. Drive gains in operational performance and availability of assets. Deliver transformative always-on visibility and control.


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By placing data at the center of processing, Accruent's manufacturing platform combines the power of an enterprise asset management and computerized maintenance management system with engineering document management software to break down silos, reduce downtime and improve efficiency. Accruent helps manufacturers to maximize profits for their marketable products by standardizing operations and offering scalability in solutions.


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Accruent's manufacturing platform helps break down information silos between engineering & maintenance departments and empowers process manufacturers to improve safety and consistency. By ensuring regulatory compliance with our solutions, process manufacturers can spend more time developing quality products for their customers.


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Accruent provides software solutions to help organizations prioritize spending on assets and facilities to better serve citizens and communities.


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Accruent offers software solutions to help retailers drive their entire real estate and facilities lifecycle. This includes everything from becoming FASB, IASB and GASB compliant, to streamlining site openings and reducing maintenance repair and spend.


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Accruent offers software solutions that optimize operations by standardizing workflows and processes across your Real Estate, Network, and Operations & Maintenance teams for improved visibility and cohesion.


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Accruent can helps organizations leverage assets, asset data, and service teams to improve customer satisfaction, productivity, and increase revenue.