Drive Operational Efficiency

Optimize operations by standardizing workflows and processes across your Real Estate, Network, and Operations & Maintenance teams. Improve visibility and cohesion across all departments with a single source of truth. Decrease time to market for site & technology deployments for faster time to revenue.


Project completion time reduced on average using Accruent project management


Telecom assets managed using Accruent infrastructure lifecycle management


Work orders processed using Accruent workforce management

Industry Related Products

Red and white cell tower
Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage your sites, assets and projects to improve operational visibility and performance across the network. Utilize a single source of truth for BTS, colocation and maintenance tasks.

Telecom tower on blue sky
Field Service Management

Optimize your workforce schedule and dispatch process with smart algorithms that account for competing priorities and enable your technicians to document in the field, even without an internet connection.

Field service vehicles parked in a line
Lease Administration and Accounting for Real Estate and Equipment

Never miss a critical date to ensure payments are timely and accurate. Tackle the new FASB/IASB lease accounting requirements for real estate and equipment leases.

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Monitor your Critical Assets in Telecom

Monitor and manage critical assets like generators, tower beacon lights, generators, and access doors using remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Equipment Lease Accounting eBook
Equipment Lease Accounting - How to Achieve Compliance Through Operational Procedures

With the new FASB/IASB lease accounting standards, it’s time to lay out your game plan for adoption of these standards. See the framework you need to fully prepare.