Roundtable: CMMS | TechNation


Roundtable: CMMS | TechNation

TechNation contacted several companies to find out the latest regarding computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) that healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals use as an important tool. Industry experts replied with insights and knowledge on a variety of CMMS topics including cybersecurity concerns, the latest features and what to look for when purchasing a system.

Participating in this roundtable article on CMMS are Accruent Vice President Healthcare Strategy Alan Gresch, Nuvolo’s Kyle Holetz, Phoenix Data Systems Inc. President and CEO Ben Mannisto and EQ2 LLC Product Manager and CBET Rich Sable.

Q: How can a CMMS help HTM professionals address cybersecurity concerns?

Gresch: Any modern CMMS should have the ability to interface to, consume data from and provide alerts/notifications from a myriad of network monitoring tools such as Zingbox, Ordr, Medigate, CyberMDX, Asimily, etc. One side benefit of these interfaces is the ability to collect utilization data on these connected devices. Also important is the ability to automatically ingest MDS2 data from a reliable source. The CMMS should also incorporate a security assessment tool that will indicate key vulnerabilities and determine what actions may need to be taken against those vulnerabilities.

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