FAMIS 360 Software


FAMIS 360 Software

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Facilities maintenance, space planning and energy management.

Accruent’s facilities maintenance and space planning solution FAMIS 360 helps facilities managers optimize maintenance and gain efficiencies across their assets and buildings. This cloud-based facilities lifecycle management solution is purpose-built for public sector, CRE, and education institutions and is easy to use, easy to implement and continuously updated with new functionality.

Enhance productivity with a centralized, automated view of work orders, inventory, schedules and budgets.

Ensure compliance with federal and state reporting indirect cost audits and sustainability requirements.

Control costs by eliminating unnecessary spending on maintenance repairs, utility consumption and capital projects.

Optimize funding by maximizing chargeback funds, recovered indirect costs and asset lifecycle improvements.

Provide visibility and control across your real estate and facilities portfolios.

Facilities professionals are often asked to do more with less. Money for repairs often falls down the budget priority list, leading conditions to deteriorate even further. In such a lean environment, things can break, leading to safety issues, unplanned downtime and emergency repairs.

FAMIS 360 improves the efficiency of maintenance operations while providing timely information that can lead to better decisions.

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Maintenance Management
Minimize time spent entering and updating data so your team can focus on providing safe, clean and effective facilities. FAMIS 360 features work order control, scheduling and reporting, providing direct control and visibility into ongoing maintenance activities. With automated preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance processes, FAMIS 360 enables you to handle a greater quantity of requests without adding staff.


Complete facilities lifecycle management.

Integrating your facilities management processes saves time, reduces errors and improves collaboration across teams. FAMIS 360 can be integrated with Accruent’s VFA capital planning software and with third-party systems for planning, finance, human resources and other business functions.

Utilities and energy management.

Understand the energy use of facilities to better plan repairs and replacements and track energy conservation efforts. Avoid duplicate data entry by configuring meters as assets. You are able to read meters and monitor their related work orders in the same system. In addition, view utility billing and invoicing, metering and consumption tracking reports.

Key control.

Seamlessly integrate your key management with existing facility data to ensure the security of your organization. See who has keys checked out and their expected return dates, run reports, and more. Additionally, FAMIS 360 Key Control can help you reduce the number of rooms or buildings that need to be rekeyed, while spending less time tracking and maintaining keys and key assignments.

Space management.

Uncover additional square footage, mange space allocation and identify areas for savings. Track and update the physical space information of multiple levels in the location hierarchy, providing true organization-wide space management


Download PDF version

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