Verisae Service Provider Brochure


Verisae Service Provider Brochure

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Meet Your SLA's with Maximum Efficiency

Don't Keep Them Waiting

It is never a good idea to keep your customers waiting for service, whether on the phone or on location. vx Field’s end-to-end service delivery ensures your customers never need to wait for your service team by performing jobs with both expediency and maximum efficiency.


With vx Field You Can
  • First-time fixes
  • Resource efficiency
  • On-time arrival
  • Parts inventory control
  • Proper work prioritization
  • Accuracy of information
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Time to resolution
  • Travel time and Overtime
  • Return visits
  • Incorrect customer charges
  • Fines and penalties
  • Centralized real-time view of all work & resources
  • Digitization of the service process
  • Business scalability

Achieve Operational Excellence

Full Process Management

From job creation to completion, vx Field ensures that each workflow progresses smoothly with automated assignments, Dispatcher-to-Tech communications and push notifications. On job- completion, relevant information is captured in the field, providing updated customer and asset information. Detailed job reports are available along with customer signature capture.

Technician Safety

Vehicle checks and work permits can be used to ensure your teams are safe, risks are avoided, and liability is not incurred. vx Field also allows tracking the GPS routes of all mobile technicians while they are out in the field and after they have returned to monitor whether they have been in a high-risk area for potential COVID-19 exposure and may need to be quarantined.

Time Sheet Automation

Automatic, location-aware, geofencing-triggered event reports populate timesheets as jobs are processed. A submission and approval process can be used prior to passing the data via APIs to payroll and finance systems.

Flexible Adaptation From Ideal to Real

Define your preferred work methods, such as which resources (internal vs. external and juniors vs. seniors) should gain priority. vx Field will respect your preferences and automatically adapt to situations where secondary options should be applied.

Skills & Qualifications Management

The intuitive mobile application simplifies the new employee onboarding process. With date- contextual skill tracking, you can keep track of qualification level’s for appropriate assignment and license expirations.


End-to-End Effective Service Delivery

Right Tech - Right Parts

First-time fixes require the right tech for the job with the needed parts on hand. vx Field assigns work to techs based on their availability, skills, site responsibility, and parts on hand, with the ability to obtain parts where needed.

Intelligent Appointments

vx Field utilizes AI to quickly offer customer appointment slots based on real resource routes, which are optimized from the outset to ensure that techs will arrive on-time without compromising the efficiency of their routes

Customer Updates

Customers want confirmation and updates. vx Field allows you to send automatic notifications as the work order is being processed, including text messages with Uber-like live tech location maps as the tech approaches the customer’s location.

Immediate Exception Resolution

With visibility into tech locations and a prioritized exception list, Dispatchers can respond quickly to urgent work with guided problem resolution, or an ongoing optimization.


vx Field Provides

Schedule Optimization & Dispatch
  • Company objective-based automated route creation
  • Ongoing schedule tuning & exception resolution
  • Manages both short and long duration work
Subcontractor Management
  • Smooth work assignment to third parties
  • Full visibility into current status of contracted work

Contracts & Commercials
  • Control customer service terms and pricing
  • Provide Quotes and Proforma/Invoices
  • Job profitability views
Planning Tools
  • Long- or short-term planning and capacity management

Reporting & Insights
  • Real-time visibility across organization
  • Performance management
  • APIs & Integrations
  • Full range of APIs for ecosystem integration
  • Standalone or with vx Maintain out-of-box integration
Parts & Inventory Management
  • Facilitate and track parts movements
  • Track parts usage
  • Installation with Part-to-asset process
  • Parts purchasing and collaboration
Mobile Platforms
  • iOS and Android Apps or Windows laptops
  • Offline support
  • Empowers tech with relevant information
  • Barcode scanning, signatures capture
  • Easy reporting and peer collaboration
SAAS or On-Prem
  • Customer suited deployment method

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