VFA for Facility Capital Planning


VFA for Facility Capital Planning

Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick. Hear that? That’s not your grandfather’s pocket watch. No, that’s the metaphor for the ticking time bomb of financial, safety, and compliance risks that become an issue as buildings age, facilities maintenance is deferred, and the internal competition for funds intensifies. The auditory prelude to potential catastrophes endangering your organization’s reputation and mission. But, what if you had a crystal ball that could show you how to mitigate the risk and cut the costs of maintaining your facilities. That would be a pretty amazing thing. Right? It’d be like free money to spend any way you’d like. Boom!

Well, in a nutshell, that’s why VFA should be your BFF. Meet VFA. The only — underscore “only” — offering of its kind that enables organizations to capture the granular data they need on every facility they have and objectively model multi-year investment scenarios. To establish a comprehensive database of the state of every asset they own. And to look at the long-term outcomes for any level of spending.

Best of all, drum roll, please. By accurately forecasting funding and building pro formas for your facilities, budget request meetings are no longer a case of “loudest barking dog wins.” Instead, they’re about having the intelligence you need to make decisions that are suddenly obvious to everyone. So, facts reign over gut feelings. Irrefutable data supplants emotional pleas. And deferred maintenance no longer spirals out of control. Which means that instead of being surprised by consequences like unexpected disasters or emergency repairs, the right projects get funded and the right problems get addressed.

So, if you could appreciate another five-to-ten percent-plus to your bottom line. If you want to know for certain whether it’s smarter to repair something, replace it, or delay acting on it altogether. If you want to remove guesswork and emotion from the budgeting process and better support your mission — well, if we were you, unless you’ve got that crystal ball, we’d click this button.

VFA. Now you know.