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Increase clarity, minimize costs, and maximize productivity across your buildings and assets.



Increase clarity, minimize costs, and maximize productivity across your buildings and assets.

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Gain Deeper Visibility & Control

Facilities professionals are often asked to accomplish more with fewer resources. What’s more, money for repairs often falls down the budget priority list, which deteriorates facilities conditions even further. In such lean environments, things break, leaving you to deal with safety issues, unplanned downtime and emergency repairs.

FAMIS 360 optimizes your maintenance operations, delivering the critical insights and centralized data needed for better decision-making, lower costs, and total compliance with federal and state reporting, indirect cost audits and sustainability requirements.

Optimize Your Facility Management

Your Data

Access essential information including work orders, inventory, schedules and budgets in one centralized, fully-automated location and integrate with other major tools for maximum insight.

Improve Margins and Financial Oversight

Simplify billing, eliminate unnecessary spend on maintenance and utilities, and optimize funding to maximize chargeback funds, recovered indirect costs and asset lifecycle improvements.

Focus on Proactive Planning

Spend less time reacting to unplanned tasks and more time planning for the future with proactive maintenance and repairs.

Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Automate work orders, maintenance processes and space management details to improve employee efficiency, reduce overhead costs and decrease unplanned downtime.

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Facilities & Asset Lifecycle Management

Integrate and automate your facilities management processes to save time, reduce operational or maintenance errors, and improve collaboration across teams. FAMIS 360 software also integrates with Accruent’s VFA capital planning software and with third-party systems for improved planning, finance, human resources and other business functions.

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Key Control

Seamlessly integrate your key management with existing facility data to ensure the security of your organization. See who has keys checked out and their expected return dates, run reports and more. Additionally, FAMIS 360 Key Control can help you reduce the number of rooms or buildings that need to be rekeyed, meaning you spend less time tracking down, maintaining and re-assigning keys owners.

Utilities & Energy Management

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your facility’s energy use to better plan repairs, order replacements and track energy conservation efforts. Avoid duplicate data entry by configuring meters as assets. Read meters and monitor their related work orders in the same system. In addition, view utility billing and invoicing, metering and consumption tracking reports.

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Space Planning

Uncover additional square footage, mange space allocation and identify areas for savings. Track and update the physical space information of multiple levels in the location hierarchy, providing true organization-wide space management.

FAMIS 360 Mobile

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FAMIS 360 Mobile enhances the capabilities of the proven FAMIS 360 facilities management and space planning software, allowing for more widespread use and comprehensive data. The mobile app also serves as an additional resource for engineers, technicians, vendors and facility managers to work more efficiently in the field, providing them with mission-critical information directly at their point of need.

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