Healthcare CMMS Software - TMS


Healthcare CMMS Software - TMS

Facility & Asset Management

Use TMS healthcare CMMS to achieve compliance, mitigate risk, prevent equipment failure and maximize your operational efficiencies.


Healthcare CMMS Software - TMS

Facility & Asset Management

Use TMS healthcare CMMS to achieve compliance, mitigate risk, prevent equipment failure and maximize your operational efficiencies.

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Ensure Compliance
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Deliver Excellent Patient Care
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Improve Operations

To maintain your healthcare system’s competitiveness, you must:

  • Minimize medical equipment and patient space downtime
  • Increase patient safety
  • Deliver efficient service and maintenance
  • Ensure compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations

Find out how the industry standard for healthcare CMMS, TMS, can help you achieve compliance, mitigate risk and increase your operational efficiencies.

Why Implement a Healthcare CMMS?

Healthcare professionals from every area continue to struggle with the complexities of an industry that has become increasingly reliant on highly specialized devices and machines to provide the diagnostics and treatment required for patient care.

A Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) or asset management solution can help healthcare organizations manage the maintenance, compliance and lifecycles necessary for these highly specialized assets. It can also help users leverage the benefits of high-performing programs like preventive maintenance (PMs) and alternative equipment maintenance (AEMs).


Is It Time to Replace Your Healthcare CMMS?

A healthcare CMMS solution typically becomes outdated for one of two reasons: either the vendor is not keeping up with market trends or a workplace implements major changes that impact maintenance processes. Some maintenance solutions can scale to meet the changing demands of your business. However, if you think your organization may have outgrown your technology, it may be time for an upgrade.

Read more our blog post, 5 Signs it is Time to Replace Your Healthcare Facilities Maintenance Solution.

Comprehensive Healthcare CMMS Software Benefits

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Comprehensive Lifecycle Management: Manage the full lifecycle of physical assets and work orders within your organization. Easily control maintenance activities, workflow, cost of service and more.
Maximum Flexibility: No healthcare organization is the same. TMS is a powerful healthcare CMMS that offers maximum flexibility and can be tailored to your organization’s needs.
Better Decision-Making: Centralize data, provide real-time snapshots, and make critical decisions more quickly and accurately.
Ensure Compliance: Ensure compliance with The Joint Commission, OSHA, and the EPA.

Robust Healthcare CMMS Features

Simplified Asset Management: Control costs, make informed repair vs replace decisions, improve uptime and address biomedical equipment cybersecurity threats.
Mobile Capabilities: View, manage and update work order from tablet, desktop or smartphone via the TMS mobile app.
Effective Preventive Maintenance: Consolidate your HTM, HFM, supply chain and IT onto one platform and use TMS’ calendars, automated triggers, reports and mobile capabilities to improve processes and maximize efficiency.
Work Order Tracking: Create, view, prioritize and monitor your work orders to reduce corrective maintenance, increase efficiency and ensure that your biomedical equipment is already ready to go.
EOC Compliance Package For TMS

We’ve made compliance easy with pre-built TMS tools including Procedures, Sub Procedures, Forms, Schedules (Inspections), and Reporting to ensure compliance with these applicable rules.

PM Compliance Package For TMS

Healthcare organizations must know their PMs are 100% compliant, documented, reportable, and retrievable.

Webinar: Enabling Financial Success in Equipment & Asset Management
Enabling Financial Success in Equipment and Asset Management

Learn how to improve your organizational performance and effectively deploy condition monitoring technologies and technicians in your equipment asset management plans.

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