Healthcare Facilities & Technology Management Software


Healthcare Facilities & Technology Management Software

Transformative Healthcare Technology Management Software & CMMS

Healthcare CMMS solution for biomedical and facilities groups to manage the full lifecycle of medical devices and equipment, ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk across the continuum of care.

increase hospital visibility
Increase Visibility
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Ensure Compliance
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Mitigate Risk

Choosing a Healthcare Solution: CMMS, EAM, HTM or HFM?

With so many Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Healthcare Technology Management (HTM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) available, having more than one application across your service departments is costing your money and reducing your operating margins.

With Accruent’s healthcare CMMS solution, you can bust siloes and consolidate your HTM, HFM, IT and more to a single user experience to transform the patient experience, gain real-time visibility, optimize work productivity and ensuring compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations.

Find out why more organization are moving to a single healthcare CMMS platform in our blog post, The Top 4 Reasons Organizations Are Consolidating Healthcare CMMS & HTM Applications.

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Healthcare Technology Management Software & CMMS – Connectiv

Connectiv is a modern, cloud-based, silo-busting CMMS solution designed exclusively for healthcare. Connectiv is certified by ServiceNow.

Healthcare CMMS Medical Device Security Analyzer
Medical Device Security Analyzer

Manage attributes of all network connected medical devices. Conduct risk assessments, reconcile MDS2 data and other security attributes against inventory, and remediate potential risks and vulnerabilities. Automate workflows unique to your organization.

Data Insights from Biomed CMMS being accessed by a doctor on Connectiv desktop app
Data Insights

Accruent Data Insights uses real data from 233 million work orders to provide independent reliability insights. Get access to our exclusive, interactive web portal and data reports to help your organization reduce equipment downtime, drive better purchasing decisions, and support Value Analysis teams.

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First CMMS Integration with GE Healthcare’s Service Shop Portal

The CMMS integration of Accruent's HTM solution with GE Healthcare allows for instant access to more than 80,000 GE Healthcare parts and accessories, plus real-time pricing, up-to-date inventory info, and documentation resources.


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Improve The Delivery of Patient Care

Connectiv Drives Down Costs and Ensures Compliance for Optimal Healthcare Operations. Request a demo today and see how our Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) solutions can help your organization.

video of medical device security from healthcare CMMS connectiv
Medical Device Security

Accruent's Medical Device Cyber Security Analyzer [IoT solution] is designed to enable healthcare organizations to mitigate cybersecurity risk.