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Predictive Maintenance with vx Observe’s Remote Monitoring system eliminates unplanned equipment downtime, deliver energy efficiency, reduce the cost of repair, predict equipment failure by up to 14 days and eliminate unnecessary expenditures. Using highly configurable parameters, vx Observe reduces nuisance alarms, often by more than 95%, saving staff and service time.

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Nuisance Alarms reduced by 99% with vx Observe

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Predictive Insights provided from equipment data with vx Observe

Keeping facilities and assets operating at full capacity is critical to meeting your company’s performance objectives. According to McKinsey and Company1 ,  IoT remote monitoring of business assets can decrease equipment maintenance cost by 40%, reduce asset downtime by up to 50%, and extend equipment life by 3-5%.

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IoT remote monitoring with vx Observe not only improves your asset performance, but it streamlines your equipment maintenance by filtering out nuisance alarms, monitoring performance patterns, detecting anomalies, and predicting critical failures before they occur. Our IoT platform seamlessly integrates with your CMMS to improve problem reporting, generate automated notifications to site managers and automatically open CMMS work orders. 

Remote Monitoring Software, such as vx Observe, reduces maintenance costs and extend equipment costs.

Co-operative Group Case Study (Co-op)

See how IoT remote monitoring with vx Observe helped the Co-operative Group strengthen asset monitoring, increase preventive maintenance, and ensure regulatory compliance for 99.8% of their asset availability. 


Accruent Recognised Among 2019 IWFM Awards Finalists

Accruent was recently recognised by the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) for Innovation in Technology for our work with Sainsbury’s, a leading grocer in the UK.

Each year, IWFM recognises companies and individuals that utilise best-in-class workplace and facilities management practices and technology that impact businesses, the economy and society.

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