Construction Project Management Software | Lx Projects

Construction Project Management Software | Lx Projects

From the Lucernex product line, Accruent’s online construction project management software can help organizations and construction companies improve decision-making and effortlessly manage new construction, grand openings and the capital improvement projects— all on time and within budget.

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Construction Project Management Software to Manage Projects at Scale

Lucernex construction project management software, Lx Projects, helps users effectively coordinate and manage new location construction, openings and capital improvement processes. The tool can help during all phases of construction – including design, planning, scheduling and building – and it can also help users scale their operations, control costs, realign resources and shorten construction timelines.







Features of Construction Project Management Software


Document Management

Use Lucernex Projects to attach and store your construction project photos and documents. You can also:

  • Attach video files, documents and photos via mobile device
  • Assign certain files to individual people
  • Share information on many devices to many users
  • Securely communicate specs and information to construction firms

Dashboards and Reports

Using dashboards, you can get a big-picture view of your project and your performance. Use this information to control costs, modify KPIs and make sure that you stay on track.

Similarly use Lucernex reporting functionalities to track important data, simplify decision-making and keep stakeholders in the loop, thus streamlining your project planning efforts.


Let your on-site team members log their hours, know when your team is working and maximize your overall transparency, flexibility and security.


With Lx Projects, you have improved request for information (RFI) process management, which will ultimately lead to better decision-making about your suppliers.


Effective scheduling integrations can help technicians and other users effectively manage their timetables and work calendars with real-time work schedules – including future work schedules and alerts about any scheduling disruptions – and a standardized Gantt chart.

Resource Management

Inventory management, contract and change management via a resource calendar can help you manage your team’s availability and maintain your budget, helping you avoid overages and manage rates.

Mobile Capabilities

Mobile capabilities via tablet or mobile device through our web-based platform allow technicians to receive and create work orders on-site, which can ultimately increase productivity and streamline billing.

Cloud-Based System

As part of the fully integrated Accruent IWMS platform, the capital, program and project management module is easily scalable to meet all of your current and future needs, meaning that Lucernex will support your needs as your organization expands.

User-Friendly Interface

Lucernex’ intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it easy for construction professionals, project managers, and decision-makers to access important data and make effective business decisions.

Workflow Optimization

Discover exactly where you are in a workflow and where you need to go. This can help vendors and contractors involved in a project to come in and complete specific tasks and forms, and then have those forms sent to the correct person for approval.

International Capabilities

For organizations that work internationally, having a construction project management solution that can be customized accordingly is essential to success. Lucernex Projects offers purpose-built workflows that acknowledge time differences, regional-based reporting needs and an inclusive income lease management suite.

Easy-to-Use PM Interface

Lucernex’s industry-leading, intuitive interface allows project managers, construction professionals and decision-makers to access the data they need to ensure that capital improvement projects are completed on time and at cost. The easy-to-use interface also means a smooth learning curve for users, minimizing the time required to use the critical software capabilities to their fullest.

Industry-Leading Project Management Expertise

The Accruent team provides customers with a series of best-practice templates based on industry-leading standards, including suggested workflows to improve cost tracking, bidding, change orders, and schedule management.

Unmatched Software Capabilities

Accruent’s capital, program and project management solution is designed to streamline and simplify new construction and construction remodel projects across your existing real estate portfolio. Our software features the business tools that project managers and construction managers need to keep everyone involved on the same page and complete projects as soon as possible.

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Learn about operating in the “new normal” and how a project management solution can help

Benefits of Construction Project Management Software


Deliver Projects On-Time and On-Budget

Using Lucernex Projects’ automated notifications, configurable views and mobile access, you can track and manage any schedule threats and realign your resources accordingly to effectively shorten timelines, control costs and improve project visibility.

Streamline Your Project Management

Manage new location construction, openings and capital improvement processes with data-driven insight and transparency. Ultimately, this can help you allocate resources, control costs, increase cross-fuctional collaboration and save time.

Replace Manual Spreadsheets and Operations

Replace legacy systems like spreadsheets – which are notoriously prone to error, confusion and rework – with a system that’s purpose-built to manage construction projects. This can help you effectively manage enterprise construction projects at scale, thereby removing the fear of lost time, progress or information.

Create a Single Source of Truth for Critical Information

Connect your real estate, accounting and maintenance teams – along with relevant personnel like project managers and general contractors – by allowing all users to access the same system across project modules.

Make Sure the Right People Have the Right Access

An effective project management system offers users various dashboards based on the information they need to know, with a dedicated system administrator granting access as required. It can also keep sensitive project data out of the hands of those who should not have it.

Increase the Accuracy of Your Financial Projections

An effective construction project management software solution helps you control the time and costs of your construction projects by letting you track and manage any threats to your schedule or budge. This is done using automated notifications, configurable views and mobile access.

Construction Management Software Industries

Construction management software can be effectively utilized in a variety of building types – including agriculture, residential, environmental, commercial and institutional – and in many markets beyond the construction industry, including:

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Public Sector

Construction Project Management Integrations

Using Accruent’s fully integrated IWMS system, you can connect all your relevant building and project management tools, including your:

  • Construction project management
  • Enterprize refrigerant management
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Energy management
  • Market planning and site selection
  • Lease administration and accounting
  • Enterprise information management (EIM)
  • Facilities and asset management
Lx Projects - Construction Project Management Software Integrations Infographic

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Deliver Projects on Time and Within Budget

FAQ: Construction Project Management and Construction Project Management Software


Effective construction project management has the ultimate goal of achieving a streamlined, cost-effective build. This requires effective resource management throughout the lifecycle of the project to manage scope, costs, timelines and other key metrics.

This can all be facilitated using a construction project management software.


How Construction Project Management Software Can Help During All Stages of Construction Project Management?

There are defined stages of construction project management, which include pre-construction, construction management, field management and financial management.


During the design and pre-construction phase, organizations can use construction software to develop estimates, send bid-requests, organize their documentation and more. There are a lot of moving parts during this phase, as those involved need to hammer out:

  • The concept of their building, including all relevant data
  • The design of the new construction, including the materials and local building codes
  • Construction specifications
  • The personnel that will be involved, including people like a project manager, a contract administrator, a general contractor, a superintendent and a field engineer
  • Anything that needs to be worked out at the site, which includes resolving environmental and geographical concerns

The right construction management software can help users – like a construction manager or contractor – build job costing estimates, send out invitations for bid requests, organize their UI and scale as they grow.

2. Construction Management

Once you’re ready to build, a construction software solution can help manage the entire process, serving as a project management tool with the ability to:

  • Drag-and-drop plans and specifications
  • Include any metadata associated with processes
  • Monitor every stage of the submittal process
  • Access all versions of drawings and documents
  • Issue addendums
  • Monitor the flow of request for information (RFIs)
  • Get a comprehensive project log

3. Field Management

Those on the job site need to consistently create and consolidate status information, including RFIs, progress reports, punch lists and expense lists. Lucernex Projects construction project tracking software simplifies this process so users can easily record, track and distribute this information.

More specifically, users can use the construction project management tool to:

  • Access third party contact information in the project’s address book
  • Record expenses and log time for effective employee time management
  • Use the mobile app to log site photos, vendor tracking information and any observations
  • Check the weather to see if it will affect the project scheduling

4. Financial Management

Lucernex also offers comprehensive budgeting, billing and accounting functionalities, allowing users to effectively invoice, manage time and materials, control costs and more.


What is The Role of a Construction Project Manager?

A construction project manager can manage the project management software and associated tasks, helping to:

  • Create a budget and ensure that your organization stays on track
  • Coordinate with their entire project team, including stakeholders, to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Work with regulators to maximize compliance


What is Construction Project Management Software?

Construction project management software is a specialized project management platform that is cloud-based and purpose-built for managing the planning, design and execution of a construction project. The right construction scheduling software can offer comprehensive oversight of the entire construction process from beginning to end so projects can stay on budget and on time.

This is achieved through features that allow organizations to:

  • Track and manage costs through features that aid budgeting, bidding and change management workflows
  • Improve collaboration across team members, verticals and departments
  • Automate and optimize standard processes while keeping up with best practices

An effective construction project management (CPM) software will also eliminate project inefficiencies and standardize processes while allowing organizations to scale as their operations expand.

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Helzberg Diamonds Uses Lucernex to Manage Their Retail Capital Construction Projects
Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds began implementation of our complete store lifecycle solution to replace their legacy lease administration management solution and other spreadsheet-based systems used for site selection, project tracking, capital planning and many other business processes. Using our implementation methodology and an exceptional internal implementation team, Helzberg was able to go-live on the first two areas of the software solution and pay rent in 5 months.

Lucernex Lease Project Management Software Being Discussed In Boardroom
Lucernex Lease Administration & Accounting

In today's competitive world, companies that thrive take advantage of technology and find efficiencies to get to market faster and focus on the customer experience. All too often, lease administration and accounting can feel like a revolving door of paperwork, inefficiency and evolving standards. The good news is that we can help!

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