Unify Engineering and Maintenance Departments

Unify Engineering and Maintenance Departments

For manufacturers, it can be challenging to find and access engineering documentation quickly and easily. But the search for flow diagrams, machine code, and equipment specs is over. Accruent’s integrated Engineering Document Management and CMMS solutions provide a single source of truth for all dynamic asset information and it reduces the time needed to search for engineering information from hours to minutes.

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Improve Maintenance Teams’ Efficiency With Easy Access to Dynamic Engineering Information

Ensure a safe working environment and regulatory compliance for your organization by connecting these two industry-leading systems to improve maintenance teams’ efficiency by quickly accessing up-to-date drawings, procedures, and other asset information available. 


Focus More on Delivering Quality Products to Your Customers

Manufacturers can streamline their business processes and ensure maintenance teams receive quick and easy access to ever-changing asset information thanks to the new functionality and integration capabilities of our manufacturing industry solutions. These new additions help manufacturers work smarter and become more agile. We’re also helping organizations support the safety of their maintenance teams in the field so that they can focus more on delivering quality products to their customers.


Ensure the Accuracy of Asset Information to More Efficiently Close Work Orders  

Many maintenance teams do not have digital access to real-time updates of asset-related documentation and drawings, which can lead to labor inefficiency and increased safety risks. Our solution reduces costly downtime by tying assets to engineering documentation. 

Remove Information Silos Between Engineering and Maintenance Departments

Meridian, our engineering document management solution, helps reduce the cost of handover between stakeholders, shortens project turnaround and preserves control of engineering data changes. Meridian also offers a comprehensive CAD software agnostic solution for managing engineering drawings to maintain engineering integrity throughout the asset lifecycle. 



Streamline Maintenance Processes to Reduce Unplanned Downtime and Maximize Uptime

Extend asset life, track maintenance costs and make smarter repair and replacement decisions with our Maintenance Connection, Accruent’s CMMS solution. Proactive maintenance management helps manufacturers reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs. Let us maximize your most valuable asset: your mechanics.



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